Our crowdfunding page will be launching very soon, but in the meantime we wanted to give you an opportunity to watch the video we made for it, and to learn more about why we need your help to turn this script into a film.

After the Gunflint is a multi-generational wilderness survival film set in the North Woods of Minnesota. It follows a man called "Pops" and his granddaughter as they take their annual floatplane fishing trip to the north woods, and for the first time, the girl’s Dad, the man’s son-in-law, accompanies them. When Pops has a heart attack, the other two need to find a way out of the woods while trying to keep Pops alive. I’m making this film because I hope it inspires compassion for what it takes to be a strong, determined young woman like Jenna, and a man who does his best in spite of his flaws like David. I hope the audience can see themselves in the characters, admire their perseverance, and leave with a dash of courage to face their own obstacles. Now more than ever, we need more voices and examples of both assertive women, and men who represent a better masculinity than the one that made the #MeToo and #Time’sUp movements necessary.

This is a film about the woods. The woods are peaceful and dangerous, vast and intimate. The woods can act as a mirror to a teenage girl discovering who she is, a grandfather reflecting on the legacy he’s leaving behind and a middle-aged man who can see both success and failure behind him, and opportunity and risk in front of him. The woods show us our depth and our limitations. This is a film that asks of each of us, “Are we living the life we want to live?”

We’re hoping to shoot this film in early October, to capture the Minnesota forests at their most beautiful. Principal photography will take about 2 weeks. 8 to 10 days in the woods, followed by a few more days in a studio for one of the more challenging scenes. The script calls for a pedestrian rope bridge to collapse over a canyon, Indiana Jones style. While there won’t be any witch doctors or alligators, as I was writing the film, I purposefully included this scene as an homage to one of my favorite film series’ and directors as a way of including a cover song of sorts in a film. It’ll be our budget and abilities, and our voice, but a clear nod to one of our heroes as well. But this scene alone is 25% of the film’s total budget.

This is where we need your help. We're able to use the profits from another project to start production, but we need $20,000 from this campaign to complete production and start editing. In the event the crowdfunding campaign passes it's $20,000 goal, the remaining funds will go into the money we need to raise for post-production to get across the finish line. Your contributions will help us make a high quality film that isn’t just good art, but art that will inspire its audience to pursue what makes them their best selves. Thank you so much for considering a contribution to this project.