director's statement


After the Gunflint is a film about masculinity. It’s about a man who’s wrestling with what it means to be a good father and a good man when he never saw those things modeled for him in his own childhood. David doesn’t drive a pickup truck or chug beer or watch wrestling, but his tendencies to be workaholic and avoid his family are proving toxic all the same. It’s about a grandfather who always treated women with respect, and believes his granddaughter can love the woods the way he has. That she can be confident and strong and feminine. That hunting, fishing and camping aren’t just for the guys. And the real hero of the story is Jenna. Whose incredible perseverance and love for her family gives her the courage to do extraordinary things in the face of extreme pain, and sets an example for her own father.

I’m making this film because I hope it inspires compassion for what it takes to be a strong, determined young woman like Jenna, and a man who does his best in spite of his flaws like David. I hope the audience can see themselves in the characters, admire their perseverance, and leave with a dash of courage to face their own obstacles.

I encourage you to support this film because you believe in good, artistic filmmaking and the skills of the professionals that make it happen. But more than that, I encourage you to support this film because of its message of what it means to be a good man that empowers the women around him and leaves behind a legacy he can be proud of.

J.D. O’Brien